JWT (JSON Web Token) is an open standard that allows us to send information that can be verified by a digital signature over the web. It contains a cryptographically signed JSON object and a payload containing claims; it is typically used in HTTP Authorization headers or URL query parameters.

Who’s JSON ?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is just a text-based representation of data using key-value pairs. It is typically used to exchange information between web clients and web servers. It’s the most popular data format for APIs.

Below is an example of what a JSON might look like


Imagine a world where anyone could have access to your emails, social media accounts and medical records — all your sensitive data being accessed without your consent!

Basic authentication is one of the many ways of protecting your data on the web. It ensures sensitive data is only available to people who should have access to it.

What is authentication?

Authentication is about proving you are who you say you are. For example, we authenticate ourselves at clubs showing the bouncer our passports or driving license as proof of identity. We use our PINs as proof of identity on our phones.

What is the HTTP authentication framework?

HTTP has…

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol — a standard set of rules defining how information systems communicate over the web.

How does it work?

Imagine your favourite restaurant. The job of the chef is to take requests from customers and provide the food requested. In the same way, a web server provides web contents/files to a HTTP client when requested.

Together, the client and the server make up the basic components of the web.

The most common type of client is the browser. When you enter a web address, it makes requests to the server. …

Adding images is an easy way to bring your application to life. This article tackles the most common issues encountered when adding images to your Flutter application. For each question, we will walk through a possible solution and the UI generated by the implementation of that code.

How do I retrieve an image from the web?

To display an image obtained over a network, all you need is the Image.network widget. The first argument it takes is the src (the url link to your image).

However, It is possible for your image not to load. To cover this scenario, we use an errorBuilder .

When used correctly, the Text widget is a powerful widget that easily allows the styling and displaying of text. Here are some questions you are likely to ask yourself when dealing with texts

How do I change the font of my text?

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Being able to receive and send information over the web is an integral part of most mobile applications. This post aims to help you take the first baby steps in understand ‘The Flutter Way’ of making api calls.

To do so, we are going to create a mobile application to retrieve a list of messages.

Understanding HTTP

HTTP is the protocol (or set of rules) that allow us to transfer data across the web. HTTP uses a server-client model. In simple terms, this means when you attempt to retrieve messages on your mobile device, you act as a client, making a request

Nearly all things in Flutter are widgets. Buttons are widgets. Texts are widgets. Even animations are defined by widgets. Think of widgets as Lego Blocks — the foundation of which all Flutter applications are built.

The anatomy of a widget

In simple terms, widgets are Dart classes. Their job is to describe how Flutter should paint elements on the screen. For example, above we have defined a BigButton — a stateless Widget — that paints a Raised button with text.

As shown on line 5, every widget has a build method. This takes a context as an argument and…

Since the fourteenth century, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems have monopolised the mobile technology space. The Android developer seeks comfort in her understanding of the nuances of in Java, Kotlin, Android Studio and SDKs, whilst avoiding the seemingly atypical world of Xcode and Swift. For most iOS developer, Java still remains synonymous with Jaffa cakes.

Now we live in a world of twos. Two development platforms. Two separate developer teams. Two separate codebases. This can be resource consuming and financially draining for a company — especially startups working on an MVP.

Google’s solution is Flutter — a cross-platform…


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